Why Appen?

With over 20 years in the industry, Appen has worked with technology leaders to provide the high quality data needed to improve their solutions. With access to an experienced crowd of over 1 million people worldwide, and a team of experienced project managers, we can quickly scale to meet your needs.

Our data services

  • Consultative Services

    We work closely with your team to develop a customized program that addresses your unique business challenges.

  • Linguistic Annotation

    Help train your machine learning model to better understand text so it can respond more accurately to human interaction.

  • Translation and Localization

    Traditional translation and machine translation services from language and data experts.

Additional resources

Supporting the Artificial Intelligence Market in China: Appen Office in Bejing

Supporting the Artificial Intelligence Market in China: Appen Office in Bejing

Appen’s newly opened office in Beijing will help build a presence within the Chinese technology market and further develop local capability.

Appen LocWorld China 2017

Insights from LocWorld China 2017 | Data is Key

Key takeaways from this year’s LocWorld China, one of the leading conferences for translation, localization and global website management.

How to improve speech recognition accuracy

When Speech Recognition Goes Wrong

Even the best speech recognition isn’t 100% accurate. And when things go wrong, the errors can be glaring, if not occasionally entertaining.

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