Why Appen?

Through our years of experience improving search algorithms for clients worldwide, we’ve developed a strong and repeatable methodology for search relevance projects. And with access to an experienced crowd of over 400,000 people worldwide, we can quickly scale to meet our customers’ needs.

Our data services

  • Ads Evaluation

    Ads Evaluation allows you to maximize the performance of your advertising by ensuring that ads match search queries.

  • Autocorrect and Spell Check Evaluation

    Ensure your search engine can render the right results despite incomplete or misspelled words.

  • Consultative Services

    We work closely with your team to develop a customized program that addresses your unique business challenges.

  • Crowdsourcing

    With Appen's skilled global crowd, you can quickly and cost-effectively scale your program to better meet customer needs.

  • Data Annotation

    Improve your machine learning-based products with high-quality, human-annotated training data.

  • Entity Verification

    Improve customer satisfaction with your search engine through up-to-date local business listings.

  • Geo-Local Evaluation

    Ensure that maps and navigation systems provide users with precise location information

  • Image and Video Search Evaluation

    Improve the accuracy of images and videos that accompany your search results for users worldwide.

  • News Evaluation

    Deliver the most recent and trustworthy news to users worldwide by training your algorithm with high quality data.

  • Personalization

    Train your algorithm to deliver more personalized results for your users, driving higher satisfaction and engagement.

  • Query Categorization

    Ensure greater search results accuracy for a variety of query types using in-market experts.

  • Search Evaluation

    With Appen's Search Evaluation services you can ensure that your search engine returns accurate results for users around the world.

  • Semantic Annotation

    Improve product listings and on site search with semantic annotation.

  • Spam Detection

    Provide a safer, higher quality search experience for users worldwide by removing spam from your search results.

  • Translation and Localization

    Traditional translation and machine translation services from language and data experts.

  • Whole Page Evaluation

    Use Whole Page Evaluation to ensure that your search engine results pages return better results for users around the world.

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