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For over 20 years, Appen has worked with companies around the world to improve their speech and machine learning-based solutions by providing high quality, human-annotated data.

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Conversational design

How to Solve Common Data Challenges in Conversational Design

When planning the development of a chatbot or virtual assistant, it’s important to begin the conversational design process with a clear data strategy in place. Conversational design requires more than just an understanding of the fundamentals of voice user interface design — you also need to understand how to solve some of the key challenges in data preparation. Working with the …

Illustration of the interior of a concept car

How a Tier 1 Automotive Software Provider Creates Smarter, More Natural In-Car Infotainment Systems

For an in-car infotainment system — or any ASR system — to recognize and correctly process voice commands, it must be trained on speech data that accounts for a broad range of inputs and all possible variation in how people speak.

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Improving the Accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition Models for Broadcast News

There is still a gap to close between human and machine performance, demonstrating a continued need for research on automatic transcription for broadcast news. Appen is ready to make your speech recognition project a success.


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