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Appen has an extensive catalog of off-the-shelf, licensable datasets for natural language processing that are ready to ship. We even cover low-resource languages, including dialects from West and North Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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off-the-shelf training data sets

New from Appen: Off-the-shelf Training Data Sets

How Off-the-shelf Training Data Sets Can Save Your ML Teams Time and Money Natural language processing (NLP) has become a crucial technology for driving many AI-based innovations. For sentiment analysis, development of virtual assistants, and many other applications, effective use of NLP can mean the difference between creating a successful product that performs accurately and one that does not. As …

Woman on cell phone holding a pair of glasses

How GuildLink Uses Text-to-Speech Translation to Make Consumer Medicines Information More Accessible

GuildLink + Appen “Appen’s text-to-speech conversion has been pivotal in helping us provide more information in more ways and helping patients understand what they’re taking.” — Anna Paonne, Key Account and Business Development Manager, GuildLink The Situation It’s critical for patients to understand what medicine they’re taking and how to take it. Every prescription medication in Australia requires an accompanying Consumer …

How to collect data for machine learning

Got Data? The Importance of High-Quality Data for Building Effective Machine Learning-Based Solutions [AI Trends Webinar]

Watch this webinar for key insights on how to collect data for machine learning, including pros and cons and trade offs that come with different approaches. When it comes to annotating data for academic purposes, there are specific industry standards that are commonly used.  However, when it comes to the commercial sector, building a solution that relies on machine learning …


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