Language: Arabic (Moroccan)
DB Name: ARY_ASR001
Product Type: Conversational Telephony
Environment: Low background noise
Speaker: 180
Audio Hrs: 66
kHz: 8
Channels: 2

  • This is a 180 speaker conversational telephony database
  • Each speaker participated in 1 to 4 conversations. Speakers are identified by a unique 4-digit speaker ID which is recorded in the demographic file
  • This database contains 33 conversational hours of data recorded during 156 conversations (equivalent to 66 hours of single channel audio)
  • ?Transcription is available in original script and fully reversible Romanised version with accompanying pronunciation lexicon.
  • ?Broad distribution of speakers in the age group of 18-65, biased to Female speakers (~70%)
  • ?Transcription punctuated, and segments aligned with sentence/meaningful-semantic-unit boundary
  • Note: there is an option to include English?translation for this product, please see ARY_ASRMT001 or ARY_MT001 listings.