Language: Arabic (Moroccan)
DB Name: ARY_MT001
Product Type: Conversational Telephony
Environment: Low background noise
Speaker: 180
Audio Hrs: 66
kHz: 8
Channels: 2

  • This is a conversational speech corpus of Moroccan Arabic translated into UK English
  • This database contains transcription and translation of 33 conversational hours of data recorded during 156 conversations. Each speaker participated in 1 to 4 conversations. Speakers are identified by a unique 4-digit speaker ID which is recorded in the demographic file. This corpus was generated from speech samples of 180 unique adult native speakers of Moroccan Arabic.
  • ?Corresponding audio, transcription, fully reversible romanised transcription and pronunciation lexicon data are available?for this corpus, please see ARY_ASR001 or ARY_ASRMT001.