Language: English (Arabic - Levant/Egypt)
DB Name: ENA_ASR001
Product Type: Conversational Telephony
Environment: Low background noise
Speaker: 250
Audio Hrs: 57
kHz: 8
Channels: 2

  • 115 telephony conversations are recorded for this project
  • Demographic information is as follows:
  • Roughly equal distribution of male and female
  • Broad range of ages from 18 years ? 55 years
  • Approximately 50% landline/50% mobile
  • Speakers speak on a range of generic topics
  • Roughly equal distribution of Levantine Arabic and Egyptian Arabic speakers
  • Approximately 28 hours of conversation data (equivalent to 57 hours of single channelaudio)
  • Database is fully transcribed and timestamped
  • Database is accompanied by a pronunciation lexicon containing all transcribed words