Language: Farsi/Persian
DB Name: FAR_ASR001
Product Type: Telephony
Environment: Mixed
Speaker: 789
Prompts/spkr: 48
Utterances: 38,400
Audio Hrs: 85
kHz: 8
Channels: 1

  • This is a 789 speaker Farsi telephony speech database recorded on location in Iran.
  • 50% male, 50% female
  • Broad distribution of age groups (16-60 years) and dialects
  • Medium Level background noise - in-vehicle, home/office, roadside and other public placetype environments
  • Language Materials
  • 48 prompts per speaker, including Digits; Natural Numbers; Letter strings;Personal, Place, and Business names; Confirmation items (yes and no); GenericCommand and Control items and Phonetically Rich sentences and words
  • Transcriptions
  • Fully transcribed to OrienTel type conventions
  • Lexicon
  • Database is accompanied by a pronunciation lexicon [SAMPA] containing alltranscribed words
  • Total audio length - Approximately 85 hours