Language: French (Canadian)
DB Name: FRC_ASR001
Product Type: Telephony
Environment: Mixed
Speaker: 1,000
Prompts/spkr: 100
Utterances: 1,00,000
Audio Hrs: 131
kHz: 8
Channels: 1

  • This is an extended SALA II database
  • 48 prompts per speaker are as specified by the SALA II consortium. An additional 52prompts (similar content) were recorded by each speaker
  • 100 prompts per speaker, including:
  • Digits
  • Natural Numbers
  • Letter strings
  • Personal, place, and business names
  • Confirmation items (yes, no + fuzzy)
  • Generic Command and Control items
  • Phonetically rich Sentences and Words
  • Mobile telephony recorded in a range of environments including in-car, home/office,roadside and other public place
  • Total audio length: 131 hours
  • Fully transcribed to SpeechDAT type conventions
  • Database is accompanied by a pronunciation lexicon [SAMPA] containing alltranscribed words