Hand pointing at a laptop screen
AI & Machine Learning   •   February 28, 2019

Why Human-Annotated Data is Key to Machine Learning: Three Use Cases

Machine learning requires high volumes of data for training, validation, and testing. A machine learning model learns to find patterns in the input that is fed to it. This input is referred to as training data. As you train your solution to form relationships between variables, it’s important to have the right data, structured in the right format, covering all …

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Uncategorized   •   September 7, 2018

How GuildLink Uses Text-to-Speech Translation to Make Consumer Medicines Information More Accessible

GuildLink + Appen “Appen’s text-to-speech conversion has been pivotal in helping us provide more information in more ways and helping patients understand what they’re taking.” — Anna Paonne, Key Account and Business Development Manager, GuildLink The Situation It’s critical for patients to understand what medicine they’re taking and how to take it. Every prescription medication in Australia requires an accompanying Consumer …

Breaking New Ground in Conversational Commercer Experiences: Flamingo AI and Appen
AI & Machine Learning, Industry Insights   •   May 18, 2018

Breaking New Ground in Online Customer Experiences: Flamingo AI and Appen

             Low online sales conversion rates. Inefficient customer service. These are the problems Flamingo is solving with its game-changing machine learning technology focused on the field of conversational commerce. Using Appen and Amazon Web Services to power its virtual-assistant platforms, the machine learning company now creates better online experiences and enables conversational commerce for financial …

Global Tech Firm Expands into New Markets with Enhanced Speech System [Case Study]
AI & Machine Learning, Industry Insights   •   February 9, 2018

Global Tech Firm Reaches New Markets with Enhanced Child Speech System [Case Study]

When designing a voice recognition system, it’s important that the speech system understands everyone speaking to it. But what happens when a speech recognition system doesn’t account for children’s speech? Most speech recognition platforms are only designed with adults in mind. Child speech is very different than adult speech, and not all speech recognition devices are well-equipped to deal with …

eCommerce Product Evaluation and Relevance
AI & Machine Learning   •   January 1, 2018

Appen’s Expertise Ensures eCommerce Retailer’s Scalability [Case Study]

A global eCommerce company needed support for one-time evaluation projects. Appen’s on-demand crowd and project management expertise were a perfect fit.

Appen Local Search Results Case Study
AI & Machine Learning   •   August 21, 2017

Improving Local Search Results for Enhanced User Experience [Case Study]

When a search engine provider needed to keep up with business listing demand, it turned to Appen to ensure accuracy.

Appen Mobile Maps case study
AI & Machine Learning   •   August 21, 2017

Local Knowledge Provides Enhanced Accuracy for Mobile Maps [Case Study]

Accuracy is the key to success for navigation applications. Appen developed a highly efficient testing system to improve directions for mobile maps.