White Papers:

An Introduction to Machine Learning Training Data

Machine Learning Data Strategy

Want to improve your machine learning training data? We created this white paper for business executives embarking on—or looking to improve—their own machine learning projects. In this white paper, we share:

  • The Importance of Quantity and why machines need a large volume of data to learn. Think of machine learning data like survey data: the larger and more complete your sample size and dataset, the more reliable your conclusions will be.
  • Why Quality Matters and why the right training data is essential for success. You can have the most appropriate algorithm, but if you train your machine on bad data, then it will learn the wrong lessons.
  • The Different Types of Source Data: Learn about the four main sources of data and determine where your data should come from.


Download our free white paper today and maximize your machine learning program and understand why training data quality is crucial to the success of your machine learning program.


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