Secure Transcription Services

Clients from the public and private sectors value Appen’s secure, fast and accurate transcription services. Appen tailors its services and final deliverables to each client’s unique requirements and offers a wide range of secure transcription solutions.


Audio & Video Transcription

We create accurate transcripts from a wide variety of files and formats provided to us by our clients or secured from devices such as body worn video. You can choose to have your transcripts produced in our secure office facility or by our home-based transcriber team. Fast deliveries and turnarounds available from 24 hours to 10 day deliveries.

In-Person Transcription

Our team will attend your interview, event or meeting in person physically or virtually and transcribe your proceedings. We provide a range of note taking and attendance-based transcription services that are discreet and reliable, allowing you to focus fully on your case, meeting, interview or legal proceedings without trying to document what is being said at the same time.


Note Taking
& Meeting Minutes

Our note taking services are for those times when you need to document what was discussed, agreed and actioned during a meeting. Our professional note takers attend your meeting in person or join remotely via a “dial-in” and produce an impartial and accurate record of what was discussed. A ‘near verbatim’ record is produced in the language in which the meeting was conducted and delivered according to your specifications. We will discuss and agree ahead of time what key pieces of information you want to include, whether an audio recording is permitted or not, and any other special requirements for the final documentation.

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Audio Recording
& Transcription Service

Our team of experienced recording technicians captures high-quality audio using professional recording equipment onsite at your location of choice. This service is designed for formal proceedings, meetings, interviews or any other event for which you need an audio recording and log of what has been said and by whom.
This specialist audio service is used by organisations throughout the U.K., including Coroners’ Inquests, Inquiries and legal meetings. We can provide a copy of the recording and a searchable log of speakers containing timings and text for future reference.


& Court Reporting

When you need a verbatim account of your meeting or court proceedings and audio or video recording is not permitted, our professional stenographers are trained to capture every word at the speed at which its spoken. Our stenographers (sometimes called verbatim reporters or court reporters) will attend your hearings and meetings in person and create a written record of proceedings. Stenography services are used for formal panel hearings, tribunals, arbitrations, board meetings, AGMs, conferences and more. Realtime transcription as well as daily services available.

Common Events for
In-Person Transcription

  • Coroners’ inquests
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Panel hearings
  • Depositions
  • Court proceedings
  • Investigative interviews
  • Public forums or council meetings
  • Conference and business meetings or calls
  • Focus groups
  • Research interviews
  • Formal company meetings

Industry Specific Solutions

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries,
departments and purposes.

  • Investigative Interviews

    Legal work for local authorities. Council proceedings. Regulatory cases. PACE/ABE interviews. Case work. Government agencies. Regulators. Local authorities. Intergovernmental organisations.

  • Police Proceedings

    Official records and transcripts for evidence. 999 calls. Body worn video. Investigative interviews. Internal disciplinary hearings or grievances. PACE/ABE interviews.

  • Coroners’ Inquests

    Recording services. Official transcripts. Timely and accurate. Detailed enough to support complex inquests and satisfy family enquiry.

  • HR & Employee Relations

    Official transcripts and records of employee interviews, grievance hearings, disciplinary meetings, fact finding investigations, tribunals, and court proceedings.

  • Local Authorities

    Legal Services. Property, Planning and Procurement meetings. Licensing, Trading Standards and Environmental Health hearings and appeals. Council Tax and Housing Benefit investigations. Adult Social Services hearings and appeals. Children’s Services, including confidential interviews under secure conditions. Human Resources, from disciplinary hearings to training events.

Types of Transcripts

Full Verbatim

This type of official record transcript includes every word
and sound uttered.

Intelligent Verbatim

This style is true to the voice and intended meaning of the speakers,
while omitting fillers (ums, ahs, ers etc) to capture what is said rather
than how it was said. Non-verbal communication, e.g. movement and gestures, can also be provided in transcripts created from on-site visits or video recordings.

Near Verbatim/Meeting Minutes

This is what our professional minute takers produce when no audio recording is permitted and they attend to create a live record of a meeting.


These transcripts are concise, relevant and accurate while also shorter and more manageable. They are appropriate for many routine business scenarios and can also be executed to meet formal, regulated evidential summary requirements. On average, a summary will produce around 40% less text and still capture the important points and messages.

Our Clients

We are privileged and honoured to provide secure transcription services to public and private entities across the UK.

  • Coroners
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Commercial enterprise
  • U.K. central and local government agencies
  • Police forces (U.K. and international)
  • Intergovernmental organisations
  • Lawyers and in-house legal teams
  • HR and employee relations departments
  • Researchers, universities and academics
  • Investigators – offices of audit and compliance
  • Investor relations teams

What our clients say

  • ‘[They] have always delivered excellent customer service. All my queries are dealt with efficiently and quickly whether by e-mail or phone. The staff are friendly and approachable and nothing is too much trouble.’
    Mary O’Ryan, Court Clerk, Bristol Crown Court
  • ‘Thank you so much – I have to say that your service is super efficient and very reliable and I always come to you. ‘
    Julie Buckley, Solicitor, Cornwall Council
  • ‘The company has provided an excellent service with a high standard of transcribing and fast turnaround. They have also completed inquest reports as a matter of urgency when requested to do so.’
    Michael Whitcombe, Coroner’s Admin and Court Manager, Area of Avon
  • ‘Your company is clearly one of the leading transcription service providers for law enforcement. Our particular fraud investigations have involved very complicated interviews sometimes lasting many hours but your transcribers never get bored or lose interest. Whether the result is a full transcript or a Record of Taped Interview the product is always accurate.’
    Glenn Wicks, Deputy Chief Investigation Officer, Insolvency Service Criminal Investigation Team, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • ‘We were delighted with the service that we received from Appen. The team there supported us with a research project in which we needed to transcribe a large volume of confidential interview data. We found them extremely efficient and helpful whenever we had queries, and they offered useful feedback on the quality of audio-recordings so that we were able to work with them to try and ensure that high quality material was produced. In addition to being very helpful, we found the staff to be courteous, professional and responsive.’
    Sarah-Jane Fenton, Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, University of Warwick Medical School

Why choose Appen UK?

  • Appen_130 plus countries

    More than 12,000
    transcripts every year
  • Appen_130 plus countries

    in-house facility
  • Appen_130 plus countries

    Part of a global company
    with expertise in more than
    180 languages and dialects
  • Appen_130 plus countries

    Expertise in a wide
    variety of accents, dialects and covert recordings
  • Appen_130 plus countries

    Choice of turnaround times including our premium
    24-hour delivery
  • Appen_130 plus countries

    Cost effective pricing
    for more flexible delivery turnaround times

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Secure & Quality Services

We take security, confidentiality and quality very seriously here at Appen: they are in our company DNA. We do not compromise on this and we are proud that security and quality are at the heart of what we do.

Appen has secure in-house facilities, trained professionals with security clearance and a continuous improvement program rooted in ISO certification to establish best-in-class quality management and security processes.


ISO 9001

Through our ISO 9001 certification you know that our transcription services will always be of a consistently high standard. ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognised quality management standard and it underpins all our quality assurance and compliance procedures. This certification recognises our commitment to continuous improvement, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing a service that meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Information Security

ISO 27001

We understand that the security of data is paramount when organisations and companies outsource their confidential transcription and business support services. Our security best practices are ISO 27001 certified so you can be confident that your data is in safe hands. ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. The ISO 27001 sets the industry standards for information security management systems across the world.

Cyber Essentials


We hold this certificate as further independent assurance that we have the appropriate levels of protection in place.


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