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Fine Tuning Products

LLM Module Fine Tunning
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Fine Tuning Products

Rapid Data (Instruction Datasets)

Jumpstart the tuning of your custom LLM with expertly curated datasets pre-validated for your specific domain, industry, or use case.

Skill Sage (RLHF)

Unlimited access to high-quality domain-specific custom datasets to tune pre-trained LLMs.

Expert AI (RLAIF) Coming soon

Fast-track accurate custom LLM deployment with on-tap AI-powered domain expertise.

Validate (Model Evaluation)

Rest assured, our platform will catch inaccurate, biased, and toxic content, to protect your brand reputation with model evaluation.

Assurance Products

Assurance Products

Defend (Red-Teaming)

Mobilize specialized red teams with domain expertise to expose model vulnerabilities and safeguard both your clients and brand.

Scorecard (Benchmarking) Coming soon

Confidently deploy best-in-class custom LLM models that surpass industry standards.

Shield (Certification) Coming soon

Stand out from the competition with Appen’s rigorous proprietary certification.

Watchdog (Monitor) Coming soon

Real-time monitoring to ensure optimal performance, mitigate risk and avoid costly errors.

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LLM Module Assurance

How it works

Explore the functionality of our LLM Data Products for fine tuning and assurance.

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Jumpstart the tuning of your custom LLM with Rapid Data

Pre-built Instruction Datasets provide enterprises easy access to ethically sourced domain-specific data like math, finance and more!

This customization product streamlines the data acquisition process for businesses looking to get started quickly in their LLM journey.

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Create high-quality domain-specific custom datasets with Skill Sage

Fine-tune best-in-class foundation models to your business and your specific data to build sustainable, successful AI programs.

Bring your own experts or have our recruitment specialists connect you with worldwide domain experts for personalized feedback and optimization using RLHF.

Our technology ensures high quality with content deduplication, gibberish text detection and built in quality controls.

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Fast-track accurate custom LLM deployment with ExpertAI

Quick and cost-effective access to domain-specific data through cutting-edge AI agents via our platform that seamlessly connects with your model.

This technology enables real-time insights, while ensuring strict data privacy requirements are met.

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Catch inaccurate, biased and toxic content with Validate

Accurate and nuanced assessments of model accuracy, generalization capability, and robustness conducted with appropriate domain and cultural context.

Assess conversation quality, rank and correct responses, and more!

Use A/B testing to compare two versions of a model in development or compare against a competitor model to ensure optimal performance. Streamline the complex and time-consuming process of evaluating multiple language models.

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Stress test your model with Appen Red-Teaming

Employ Appen Red-Teaming to discover any undesirable behaviors exhibited by your model, enabling swift and secure resolution of any issues.

Our skilled and experienced AI Training Specialist red teams systematically and creatively challenge your live model in production, preventing toxicity, provocative hallucinations, and bias

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Deploy best-in-class custom LLMs with Scorecard

Scorecard is a service that enables enterprises investing in large language models to evaluate their performance against established industry benchmarks and standards.

With Scorecard, you can gain valuable insights into your model’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that you are meeting industry standards.

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Earn your Appen Shield with our proprietary testing

Appen Shield provides third-party assurance that your models meet industry standards.

By undergoing a rigorous evaluation of the model’s performance against a set of predefined criteria – including measures of accuracy, efficiency, security, and ethics – Certification offers a powerful way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards for data performance.

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Real-time monitoring with WatchDog

Detect and address issues that may arise when the model is deployed and being used in the real world, by tracking accuracy, completeness, and latency metrics over time to ensure optimal performance.

Seamlessly maintain brand integrity with our expert red teams to test your live model in production, preventing toxicity, provocative hallucinations, and bias.

Our products in practice

Instant access to updated products, offers, promotions, and qualification criteria to improve customer experience and customer service productivity.
Accurately identify medical issues earlier, assisting radiologists to detect abnormalities, identify specific conditions, and improve diagnostic accuracy.
Analyze customer data to tailor recommendations and improve search to increase engagement and sales.
Scrutinize data to automate claims processing, offer personalized products, and risk assessment.
Increase cart size and improve customer satisfaction with personalized conversational shopping experiences.
Efficiently create customized ad copy and editorial content for multiple target audiences.
Automated document review and generation, contract analysis, and research, saving time and reducing costs.
Social Media
Generate on trend and on brand content, personalize messaging, and create platform-appropriate auto-responses.
Contact Center
Provide AI interfaces that handle customer inquiries and automate routine tasks.
Optimize supply chain operations by analyzing production records and incident reports to improve quality control.

Case studies

Fueling successful AI data projects for more than 26 years.

Custom instruction data and prompt-response pairs deliver success for enterprise client

CHALLENGE: Our client, a leader in the rapidly evolving enterprise LLM marketplace, sought to build a powerful, flexible software product offering based on LLMs. One of the challenges they faced was to train an LLM to respond helpfully, truthfully and harmlessly to end user queries in a wide variety of tasks that naturally vary in end goal, text length and conversational style

SOLUTION: We set up a regular communication cycle with the client in order to refine the initial labeler instructions they provided. Once finalized, we leveraged our RLHF product to provide rich, custom instruction data the client could use to fine-tune their pretrained model. We mobilized a crowd of experienced, native English speaking AI Training Specialists with creative writing expertise to generate high-quality prompt-response pairs, meeting our client’s ambitious timeline.

RESULTS: The client used this data to fine-tune their LLM, transforming the ability of their model to provide useful responses to eventual end users in all kinds of scenarios. The client was pleased to be able to meet their planned launch timeline.

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High-quality data for conversational chatbots

  • CHALLENGE: A global technology leader that develops smart chatbots, sought to iterate on its multipurpose chatbot product and remedy some of its key weaknesses. The bot was known to occasionally produce unhelpful and inaccurate responses, and its presentation of reference information was limited in its utility.

  • SOLUTION: We were able to quickly stand up a large-scale program to meet the client’s need for high-quality model response evaluations at incredible scale. We worked with the client to implement their guidelines. Thus far, this program has netted over 3 million response evaluations for accuracy, helpfulness, and reference attribution.

  • RESULTS: The client reduced their time to deployment of their clients’ chatbots with accurate and intent-specific data and an improved user experience.  They continue to fine-tunes the model using our evaluation data to improve upon the chatbot’s responses. 

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High-quality dialog summarization models for global conversations

  • EXPECTATION: Our client sought to build tools to help their clients efficiently absorb and distill large volumes of information shared via spoken dialog in global languages. How can the client build a model that is capable of summarizing natural dialog, generating comprehensive prose summaries, and effectively retaining important information from conversations, and performing effectively for speakers in various countries and regions?

  • SOLUTION:  The client required realistic and representative samples of natural dialog, with summaries, in order to build a solution that would work well for English speakers across countries and regions. Accordingly, we collected spoken and chat-based conversations from an AI Training Specialist pool based in locales across the US, UK, India and the Philippines. We delivered over 200 hours of audio with transcriptions and summaries and more than 6,000 naturalistic SMS conversations and summaries to the client.

  • RESULT: The client was impressed with the diversity and quality of the dataset. The client was able to use the data to develop high performing dialog summarization models, which they were able to offer to their client organizations to improve operational efficiency.

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Transforming online shopping: fine-tuning LLMs for personalized product assistance

CHALLENGE: Frequently, online shoppers stall or abandon a purchase because they cannot find a product or determine whether it will meet their needs. Our client, a global ecommerce leader, seeks to launch an expert shopping assistant that can efficiently and continuously digest their rapidly evolving catalog, answer their customers’ questions effectively, and appropriately represent their brand.

SOLUTION: The client required a dataset of realistic questions and answers about products in their catalog, along with key metadata including product category, shopping stage, and reference URLs. Leveraging Appen RLHF and a diverse team of US-based AI Training Specialists, we delivered 112k product catalog prompts and responses along with requested metadata.

RESULTS: The client noted that they were impressed with our linguists’ edits and additions to the guidelines, which resulted in high quality prompts and responses. The client used the dataset for to fine-tune their LLM for product catalog inquiries and were able to achieve significant improvements in performance across stages of the shopping journey as well as alignment of the model’s responses with their brand voice.

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Customize the way you work

Our delivery model flexes and scales to fit your support needs and budget.

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Managed Services

End-to-end service that delivers controlled, consistent, high-quality data with speed and at scale—the way you want it.

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Platform Only

Independently create workflows, monitor your data, and ensure quality at every step with our Platform.

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AI Training Specialists

Source a team of validated domain experts from our crowd of 1M+ humans speaking 235+ languages in 170+ countries.

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Combine our managed services, Platform, AI training specialists or your own experts for a solution designed just for you.

Consulting Services

Tap into our team of PhD Linguists, in-house generative AI and job design experts.


Recruiting Experts

Dedicated team for connecting you to the people you need to train and test your models.


Our deep learning products

We can do all kinds of cool things with your data!

Scale quickly with high-quality, customized data

Whether you are training a model to work for a very particular use case, or are unable to find sufficient open-source data to train your model, we can help provide the high-quality structured or unstructured data you need to kick off your AI project. Choose from our bespoke Data Collection services or browse our extensive catalog of pre-labeled datasets for a variety of common AI use cases.

Large scale data on demand

Curate unique datasets with access to our 24/7 on-demand general crowd options for data collection for your specific use case. Our smart validators check for gibberish, duplicate entries and more to ensure the highest quality data is collected.

Best for large scale projects that can leverage our mobile application for data collection.

Get started quickly with off the shelf data

Accelerate AI projects with access to more than 250+ pre-labeled datasets—off the shelf data specific to your needs ranging from domain specific prompt-response pairs to language datasets.

Easily access data for hard-to-find edge-case scenarios

Products and expertise that artificially generate hard-to-find data and edge-cases to enhance model coverage and performance.

Curate highly-specified datasets for your use case

Curate datasets based on your exact specifications with options ranging from location, equipment used, languages, dialects, participants such as twins or family connections, expertise, education level and many more. Recordings can be moderated or unsupervised.

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Annotation Tools Powered by Machine Learning

Data annotation faster and at scale with machine-learning assisted annotation tools that provide a comprehensive data-labeling solution. Machine learning assistance is built into our industry leading annotation tools to save customers time, effort, and money – delivering high-quality training data and accelerating the ROI on your AI initiatives.

ML-assisted frame-by-frame annotation

Frame by frame annotation powered by machine learning assistance that predicts the position of objects and automatically tracks them, reducing contributor fatigue.

Annotation types available: Bounding boxes, cuboids, lines, points, polygons, segmentation, ellipse, classification.

ML-assisted image annotation

Pretrained image classification models that can help you save time and money by automating data labeling, and only sending low-confidence rows for human labeling.

Pixel masks that are automatically generated and applied to an image for contributor validation, saving time and effort.

Annotation types available: Bounding boxes, cuboids, lines, points, polygons, segmentation, ellipse, classification

ML-assisted text annotation

Built-in tokenizers and pre-trained quality models such as duplicate detection, coherence detection, language detection, and automatic phonetic transcriptions ensuring the highest accuracy while saving time and money.

Access to Appen’s extensive language expertise, giving support for even the rarest languages such as Bodo, Khasi, Mizo etc and ability to recruit bi-lingual participants for such rare languages in a short timeframe.

Annotation types available: Classification, Named Entity Recognition, Relationships Transcription, Transliteration, Translation, Ranking, Generation, RLHF, Comparison, Prompt-Response Pairs.

Get more value from your documents

Transform hardcopy and digital documents into a useable data source. From tables to handwriting to multi-page pdfs, use our in-tool object character recognition for faster labeling. Pre-labeling available for bounding boxes and transcriptions for types text or handwriting.

Annotation types available: Classification, polygons, bounding boxes


All-in-one audio tooling for clear and crisp audio annotations and transcriptions

Quick, high-quality audio transcripts with acoustic tags in a variety of languages that leverage NLP to improve transcription quality and efficiency. Audio that’s automatically segmented into different speakers, audio snippets, languages, domain and topic classification and more for faster audio annotation. 

Annotation types available: Classification, Transcription, Segment, Timestamp, Assign Speakers

Human and ML-assisted sensor annotation

Human and machine intelligence that annotates point cloud frames (3D point cloud and RGB images) with Point cloud calibration, cuboid annotation, auto-adjust, and pixel-level annotation.

3D sensor tooling that has a robust suite of features and includes machine learning assistance so you can annotate specific data quickly and accurately, building training data for your unique use cases

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Robust testing and optimization

Introducing dynamic elements to ensure performance more closely reflects real-world deployment environments.

Global coverage with a crowd of 1M+ contributors

A quickly assembled team that covers hundreds of regions with high-quality evaluators to ensure your AI products work in your target markets. We are the go-to provider of human-in-the-loop services for product and technology teams.

Simulations that deliver fast and efficient results

Real-world environmental simulations based on very unique use cases and niche conditions that ensure your AI systems are properly tested.

Identify bias and toxicity before you deploy

Assurance that your model can account for the different languages, cultural nuances, and diversity that come with servicing global markets.

Create true benchmarks for voice assistants

Our Voice Assistant Benchmark (VAB) initiative is a partnership with top global technology companies for ad hoc TTS voice benchmarking, mean opinion scale (MOS), and MUSHRA ratings. It’s an opportunity to streamline, standardize, and iterate the voice evaluation process, creating a true benchmark and highlighting optimum Voice Assistant standards across devices and brands.

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Data Types

Extract information from data of various formats to fuel your LLMs

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With deep expertise in language processing and experience collecting and annotating millions of documents for industry leaders around the world, we are your trusted partner for document intelligence. Businesses have a wealth of unstructured data in the form of scanned and photographed documents of all kinds. By extracting the insights from this data, they can deliver new innovative experiences for their customers. Our clients can now make any document a usable data source without worrying about specific document formats or templates. With exceptional results of 99% accuracy on diverse documents, our clients are launching new products and expanding into additional markets.

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Harness the power of computer vision with our image annotation capabilities. Whether you need to collect, classify, annotate, or transcribe images, our platform offers an all-in-one solution to ensure the highest level of accuracy and inclusivity for your AI models. With advanced features such as polygons, dots, lines, rotating bounding boxes, and ellipses, and pixel-level semantic segmentation, we provide the tools you need to successfully annotate a wide range of image types with speed and precision.

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Transform your computer vision models with our advanced video annotation capabilities. From object tracking to time stamping, our suite of annotation tools is designed to help your models interpret the world around them with greater accuracy and speed. Our custom-built tools and machine learning assistance allow you to easily collect accurate video annotations at scale, making it easier than ever to create more inclusive and reliable models.

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Our Audio Annotation tool is designed to be twice as fast as traditional tools, making it effortless for you to collect, classify, transcribe, or annotate audio data for your NLP projects. You can segment audio into layers, speakers, and timestamps, which will enhance your Audio Speech Recognition and other audio models. Our custom-built acoustic tagging system enables you to generate high-quality audio transcripts rapidly in a variety of languages, improving transcription quality and efficiency. Our all-in-one audio tooling has been purpose-built to deliver crystal-clear and precise audio annotations and transcriptions to train your models. With Appen’s audio annotation capabilities, you can gain valuable insights from your audio data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Our cutting-edge Speed Labeling tool includes built-in multi-language tokenizers to assist our human annotators in delivering fast, precise and high-quality annotations. Target entity extraction and span labeling options make it easy to accelerate contributor annotations while bringing your model outputs into the annotation process. Our linguistic experts can also provide post-editing data generated from your NLP models and evaluate text for training purposes. With Appen’s specialized tools and expertise, you can trust us to deliver high-quality training data to help you build NLP models that truly understand nuanced human speech, no matter the market.

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Integrating multiple datasets from various sources or annotation jobs can be a daunting task without the right tools. Our data annotation platform simplifies the process by allowing you to annotate multiple types of data in a single place. Our enterprise-level Workflows tooling makes combining and automating multi-step annotation jobs a breeze. Leveraging the power of our advanced machine learning capabilities, we can deliver high accuracy for even the most complex multi-modal AI projects. With our platform, you can seamlessly bring together various data sources to drive your AI initiatives forward.

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Mobile Location

High-quality raw mobile location data from 700+ million devices in 200+ countries allows you to perform location analytics and derive actionable business intelligence. Tap into the global data feed or request data customized to a specific region. Our location data is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA. Stamped with a unique QuadID and intensive in-house quality control, you can ensure that every event we share is authentic and increases the reliability of your mobility analysis.

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Point Cloud

Our point cloud capabilities enable you to accurately annotate several types of point cloud data, including LiDAR, Radar, and other types of scanners/sensors. Our intuitive annotation interface allows for easy annotation of point cloud frames (3D point cloud and RGB images) with cuboids, supporting even the most complex use cases such as autonomous vehicles. With built-in Machine Learning assistance, you can enhance your annotation speed and quality. Our purpose-built 3D sensor tooling is trusted by technology leaders to accurately and efficiently annotate complex data types at scale.

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