Your machine learning models need high-quality training data to yield the best results.
We provide a wide range of services to enhance the quality of your data.

Ads Evaluation

Ads Evaluation allows you to maximize the performance of your advertising by ensuring that ads match search queries.

Autocorrect and Spell Check Evaluation

Ensure your search engine can render the right results despite incomplete or misspelled words.

Consultative Services

We work closely with your team to develop a customized program that addresses your unique business challenges.

Content Moderation

Scale your content moderation efforts using local experts for social media campaigns, site content and more.


With Appen's skilled global crowd, you can quickly and cost-effectively scale your program to better meet customer needs.

Data Annotation

Improve your machine learning-based products with high-quality, human-annotated training data.

Entity Verification

Improve customer satisfaction with your search engine through up-to-date local business listings.

Field Testing

Ensure a successful launch of your application or system by using local testers in the field.

Geo-Local Evaluation

Ensure that maps and navigation systems provide users with precise location information.

Image and Video Data Collection

Collect large volumes of high-quality data samples to ensure your solution can accurately recognize images and video.

Image and Video Search

Improve the accuracy of images and videos that accompany your search results for users worldwide.

Language Technology QA

Develop top notch language-based solutions with language quality assurance services.

Lexicons and Word Lists

Use custom lexicons and word lists to ensure the accuracy of your speech and text-based systems.

Linguistic Annotation

Help train your machine learning model to better understand text so it can respond more accurately to human interaction.

Linguistic Consulting

Ensure your solutions meet the needs of customers worldwide with the help of expert linguists.

Linguistic Rule Development

Ensure greater search results accuracy for a variety of query types using in-market experts.

News Evaluation

Deliver the most recent and trustworthy news to users worldwide by training your algorithm with high-quality data.


Train your algorithm to deliver more personalized results for your users, driving higher satisfaction and engagement.

Query Categorization

Ensure greater search results accuracy for users around the world. Use in market experts to improve the accuracy of your search results.

Secure Services

Use secure services when working with any datasets where privacy is a key concern.

Search Evaluation

With Appen's Search Evaluation services you can ensure that your search engine returns accurate results for users around the world.

Semantic Annotation

Improve product listings and on site search with semantic annotation.

Spam Detection

Provide a safer, higher-quality search experience for users worldwide by removing spam from your search results.

Speech Data Collection

Use our curated global crowd to collect high-quality speech data in over 180 languages and dialects.

Speech Data Transcription

Train your speech recognition system with high-quality transcribed speech data.

Text Data Collection

Collect millions of high-quality data samples to ensure your solution meets the needs of your customers worldwide.

Translation and Localization

Traditional translation and machine translation services from language and data experts.

Whole Page Evaluation

Use Whole Page Evaluation to ensure that your search engine results pages return better results for users around the world.