Whether you are building an analytics tool or enhancing a search engine, these solutions need high-quality data to meet the needs of your customers. Learn more about the solutions we help improve for our clients worldwide.


Use our global curated crowd to ensure your applications work effectively for customers around the world.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Improve customer interactions with Automatic Speech Recognition systems by training them to better understand human language

Computer Vision

Develop computer vision solutions that recognize images and video as well as humans do with high-quality, human-annotated data.


Build CEM and CRM solutions with stronger data analytics capabilities.

Data Analytics

Use Appen's services to build robust data analytics systems more quickly.


Increase conversion and customer loyalty with high-quality data for product categorization, on-site search and more.

Fraud Detection

Increase fraud detection rates, reduce false positives and minimize losses through systems built with high-quality data sets

In-car Infotainment

Ensure your in-car infotainment system provides the best user experience with high-quality training data and testing.

In-car Navigation

Train your in-car navigation system with high-quality data to ensure customers get where they need to go.

Machine Translation

Drive higher customer satisfaction with automatic translation capabilities that are highly accurate.

Medical Imaging

Diagnose health issues more quickly and with higher degrees of accuracy.

Proofing Tools

Develop more accurate proofing tools with high-quality linguistic services.

Risk Management Models

Use human insight to improve the quality of the data used in your machine learning-based risk model.

Search Relevance

Return more relevant search results be regularly training your machine learning model with high-quality data sets.

Semantic Search

Improve your semantic search capabilities with training data that provides user intent and context.

Social Media

Meet your users’ demand for more relevant, personalized content. Train your algorithm with high-quality data to increase user satisfaction.

Social Media Analytics

Build social media analytics solutions that deliver more meaningful patterns and deeper insights.


Improve customer interactions with TTS systems that are fluent in every language.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Train your virtual assistant or chatbot to better understand and respond to human interaction, driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.


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