Annotation Capabilities

Providing faster data annotation at scale with Smart Labeling


Annotation Capabilities

High-quality data annotation is key for training any AI/ML model successfully. After all, this is where your model learns what judgments it should be making. Our platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting edge models to annotate all sorts of raw data, from text, to video, to audio, in order to create the accurate ground truth needed for your models.

We provide the technology and the crowd for any labeling needs - whether it’s collection, classification, annotation, transcription, or translation. See below for a full breakdown of what we offer, including image annotation, video annotation, and data labeling services.

Appen Smart Labeling

Our Smart Labeling suite of innovative capabilities uses Machine Learning assistance in the data annotation process to automate and improve productivity, quality, and delivery of your data collection and data annotation projects. Machine Learning assistance combines machine predictions with human annotations to increase the efficiency of human annotations. Appen Smart Labeling focuses on three specific areas where Machine Learning can drive quality, cost and time savings in the data annotation process:



Machine Learning provides an initial 'best guess' hypothesis before contributors start the task. With human contributors reviewing pre-processed annotations instead of starting a judgment from scratch, the time needed to annotate data drastically reduces.


Speed Labeling

Machine Learning provides for in-tool efficiency, quality and accuracy improving ergonomic conditions while contributors work. This reduces cognitive strain and allows contributors to work faster and more comfortable, increasing throughput of their annotations.


Smart Validators

Machine Learning verifies human judgments before they are finalized. This ensures you are only paying for quality judgements, eliminating the need for peer reviews and the risk you’re paying for judgements that don’t fit your requirements.

Our Smart Labeling enables fast, scalable model deployment along with the peace of mind in knowing that our qualified contributors are there to oversee and correct any judgements if needed.


Annotation Tools

Image and Video Annotation and Transcription

We support a broad range of computer vision tooling including object tracking, pixel-level semantic segmentation, and image transcription. All these image annotation and video annotation tools support bringing your own model hypothesis for faster labeling and better model validation.  

Text Annotation and Translation

We offer large scale text classification and NLP labeling including named entity recognition and parts of speech labeling. All these tools support bringing your own model hypothesis for faster annotation and better model validation. We also offer computer-aided translation for machine learning projects.  

Audio Annotation and Transcription

We offer a scalable audio data pipeline including collection, segmentation, event labeling, and transcription. All these tools support bringing your own model hypothesis for faster annotation and better model validation.

Data Collection and Enrichment

We support an extensive data collection pipeline for audio, websites, text, and images. Supported use cases include training data creation for ASR and text-based conversational agents. Any data we can see can be enriched with metadata or additional information. We use ML models to validate the quality of human submitted input to quickly complete broad-scale data collection projects.

Data Classification

Whether you are doing sentiment analysis, content moderation, or search relevance tuning, we offer extremely large-scale, data classification pipelines for any data classification needs. Proprietary quality control technologies allow for 95%+ accuracy and precision, with minimal effort.

Point Cloud Annotation

Our point cloud annotation tool allows for cuboid annotation for autonomous vehicles, as well as manufacturing and agriculture. Machine aided annotation allows for large scale annotation to be completed quickly and accurately.

Types of Annotation Capabilities We Offer

Image Image


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, URL

Collect user-generated content and links from around the web including audio, images, and websites to help your data program. We support complex data use cases like in-car audio collection or text utterance collection for chatbot programs, as well as more straightforward image/audio collection and information extraction jobs.


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, URL, Point Cloud

Classify and categorize any kind of data on a massive scale using our annotation platform. Moderate and sort high volumes of content your users provide with precision. Common use cases include content moderation, sentiment analysis, search relevance, product classification, and object classification.


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, Point Cloud

Annotate images, text, videos, point clouds, and audio with one of our annotation tools. Whether it's a simple bounding box or segmentation of audio, we can support your annotation with our state of the art technology platform. We also support text labeling tools like NER and parts of speech labeling. Many of our tools feature machine learning assistance for greater efficiency and accuracy vs human annotation alone. Find what you need in our platform's template library.


Data Types: Image, Audio, Video

Transcribe documents, images of documents, or website information using a variety of services - whether it be a single field or multiple pages. We also offer audio transcription services to cater to scaling your natural language processing (NLP) and audio speech recognition (ASR) programs.  


Data Types: Text

We offer a crowd of over one million skilled contributors, with an offering of over 180 different languages. With a suite of specialized linguistic experts in-house, we are more than equipped to translate large volumes of data to reliably train your AI and ML models.