Platform Overview

The most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform


Confidently Deploy Machine Learning Products With Our Platform

The Appen platform combines human intelligence from over one million people all over the world with cutting-edge models to create the highest-quality training data for your ML projects. Upload your data to our platform and we provide the annotations, judgments, and labels you need to create accurate ground truth for your models.

Our Platform Includes:

Data Annotation Capabilities

High-quality data annotation is key for training any AI/ML model successfully. After all, this is how your model learns what judgments it should be making. Our platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting-edge models to annotate all sorts of raw data, from text, to video, to images, to audio, to create the accurate ground truth needed for your models.

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Enterprise Capabilities

With over a decade of experience and 10+ billion judgments, our enterprise-ready data annotation platform delivers unprecedented quality and scale across a diverse set of industries and use cases. For large companies, we deliver enterprise solutions and multiple deployment options to support your robust business requirements.

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Workflows allows customers to build and automate multistep data annotation projects with ease. The simple graphical interface ensures no coding skills are required to create a workflow consisting of multiple jobs.

Customers now have access to a real data pipeline solution that reduces latency and increases efficiency via automated data routing. Break down complex data annotation projects into smaller, easier tasks, then enjoy greater control over customization of job designs and contributor channels at each step.

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