Social network search improvements fuel growth

Blog Home / AI & Machine Learning   •   August 21, 2017

Appen Propels Social Network Growth [Case Study]

Appen Propels Social Network Growth

Social Network Search Improvements Fuel Growth and Improve User Experience


The Situation

A leading social network provider needed to improve its social network search engine functionality. The firm was already working with a third-party vendor to source training data, but the vendor was unable to provide quality data on tight deadlines.

The Solution

The social network firm turned to Appen to develop a pilot with 80 raters. Appen quickly provided:

  • Identification and management of strong raters
  • The ability to meet project demands in terms of raters and evaluations needed


The Results

The pilot was successful and the client’s expectations were exceeded. This led to the company transferring additional vendor projects to Appen. The social and search evaluation projects grew from one project with 80 U.S. Appen raters to almost 1,200 raters on 15 projects in 4 markets. The client now has higher quality data and a proven model for entering new markets.

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