Local Knowledge Provides Enhanced Accuracy for Mobile Maps

Local Knowledge Provides Enhanced Accuracy for Mobile Maps

Leading Mobile Device Manufacturer Finds Out How to Improve Phone GPS Accuracy


The Situation

A large software and hardware company was planning the release of a top-secret mobile map application. Before the release, the company needed to understand how to improve phone GPS accuracy.  They worked with Appen to place users in multiple metropolitan areas to determine whether directions on the app were accurate. Sending their own employees would not only be costly, but they would also lack the detailed knowledge that a local could provide.

The Solution

The company hired Appen to develop and execute a testing plan. Teams of 10-15 testers in each city were sourced, and they were qualified by preparing the on-site testers with virtual onboarding materials. Confidentiality of the project was maintained the entire time.

The Results

Not only was the client able to improve the accuracy of its software before releasing to the public, but they saved money by using in-market testers versus sending their employees into the field.

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