Improving Local Search Results for Enhanced User Experience

Improving Local Search Results for Enhanced User Experience

Leading Search Engine Improves Listings with Local Search Results Content Evaluation


The Situation
With the growth in businesses listed on its site, a leading multilingual search engine and mobile app provider needed to verify its local search results and corresponding business listings. Users were relying on the provider to provide accurate business information, including addresses, phone numbers, hours, maps and directions. The in-house team that supported the algorithm was unable to keep up with the demand for local business information.

The Solution
Not wanting consumers to lose confidence in their business listing information, the provider partnered with Appen to improve the quality of its local listings. In-market evaluators were hired and qualified to review, clean, and label all types of data. The evaluators researched, called, and visited local businesses to verify listings were valid and properly represented in local search results.

The Results
What started with 10 evaluators in one market grew to 440 evaluators in 31 markets. Appen verified and corrected data for more than 750,000 of the client’s business listings. This has not only improved the local search results and quality of local business listings but also enhanced the user experience.

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